Jalapeño Poppers. Because It’s Sunday And You’re Hungry.

Sunday is marathon eating day in our house. I made the mistake of making these jalapeño poppers, and now like every single Sunday my husband wants them. They are quick, easy, delicious and perfect for parties, football, cocktail hour or just eating in general. Trader Joe’s sells a big pack of jalapeño peppers, and I encourage you to make them all.IMG_8431-682x1024


  • Rinse, halve and de-seed 6 jalapeño peppers. Do. Not. Touch. Your. Eyes.
  • Mix 1 cup whipped cream cheese with a few tablespoons of parmesan and  mozzarella
  • Crush up a handful of butter crackers (like Ritz or Townhouse) and sprinkle over the top (feel free to skip this step, I actually prefer them without the crumbs)
  • Wrap prosciutto around each pepper, secure with toothpick
  • Arrange on baking sheet and bake in preheated oven at 350 for 30 minutes or until slightly golden brown


Arrange them pretty on a plate while they last, and serve with carrot sticks and blue cheese for a pub experience on your couch.

Happy Sunday,

xo, e

images via Baker By Nature

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