10 Winter Workout Favorites

Move Your Body

Finding inspiration to keep moving through the winter is TOUGH. Having spent many years in the freezing cold New England winters, I know first hand how many excuses you can easily come up with to just stay cozy inside under a blanket and skip your workout. Living in Northern California now, my excuse list is shorter and my motivation is constantly being checked by the sunny skies and running-friendly weather we are blessed with pretty much daily. Something else that keeps me motivated? Well new workout clothes, of course. Call me what you will, but throwing on a cute outfit encourages me to go for a longer run, take more pilates classes, and be mindful of my food choices even in the dang middle of January. It goes without saying, but working on a bikini body all year round is a hell of a lot easier than the self-induced torture we are all too familiar with come the first sign of summer.

Here’s what my goal winter workout routine looks like:
Monday: 55 minute Pilates cardio trampoline on the reformer, 2 mile walk or run
Tuesday: 3 mile run, 20 minutes pilates on the mat
Wednesday: 2-3 mile run, 30 minutes on the treadmill
Thursday: 2-3 mile run, 20 minutes pilates on the mat
Friday: 55 minute Pilates cardio trampoline on the reformer, 2 mile walk or run
Saturday: 2-3 mile walk, 30 minutes on the treadmill
Sunday: Rest

Throughout the week I also focus on clean eating as much as possible. I make fresh juices with organic fruits and vegetables, mix up protein shakes after a workout, eat organic grass fed meats, local seafood and drink lemon water, black coffee and herbal teas. My husband loves to cook so I bend the rules and indulge in homemade specialties whenever I feel like it- like tonight we are having strawberry ice cream he made last night. YUM! And try to take my occasional latte away from me and I will turn mean.

So if getting a new pair of leggings, sneaks or a cute Lulu sweatshirt inspires you to get moving, I say why not. Feel good, look good, eat well and be happy.

Here is to a Happy & Healthy 2016
xo, e

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