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Get the Look of Anderson Cooper’s Brazilian Brazilian Paradise!

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As seen on Decorist’s blog, getting the look of Anderson Cooper’s Brazilian Paradise with me!

Located in Trancoso, Quadrado, where many refer to as a ‘magical place’, is where Anderson Cooper has built himself an absolutely breathtaking Brazilian tropical compound. Although Cooper himself doesn’t like the term ‘magical’ for Quadrado, he describes this tiny social and spiritual heart of Trancoso as intoxicating, spellbound and compelling.

With help from local resident designer and real estate expert, Wilbert Das, Cooper’s compound consists of four pavilions on a strip of land with mango, cacao, jackfruit, banana, and acai trees. You will find a main cottage, two guest bungalows, and of course a tree house that sits above a bar and outdoor living room. You can call this rainforest living at its best. Read below for our tips on how to get the look of Casa Anderson:

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Start With a Paint Color That Resembles Brazilian Sand

Cover the walls, ceilings and floors in a gorgeous creamy bright white that mimics the powder sand you will find on the Brazilian beaches. Mix in pieces with washed and worn textures in turquoise blue-greens, raw unfinished woods, lush live greenery, sun drenched cobalt blues and pops of orange-pinky-reds.

Dress Your Room With Natural Textures

Start by building the room on a sisal rug. Use rustic wood stools, end tables and a coffee table. Mix in a piece of painted furniture with a well loved feel. An easy DIY trick here is to water down some paint and just wash the surface to get that barely there color. Add piles of linen pillows to your sofa. Keep upholstered pieces light and in natural textures like washed burlap or linen.

Less is More

The key to this look is the simple, clean palette that is repeated throughout all the buildings on the property. There is a feeling of continuity that is achieved by carrying the same colors through every room whether it is in a pillow, a vase, a painted accent wall or a stem of flowers. This may be the secret to every well done interior- in my humble opinion of course!

Let the Light Shine in

By keeping windows light and bright, you can create that easy breezy feel in your own space. Adding mirrors that reflect natural light will add to this effect as well. Placed opposite of windows you get to reflect the view which can often times feel like a piece of art in a room all on its own.

Click HERE to view all items to complete the look!

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10 Winter Workout Favorites

Move Your Body

Finding inspiration to keep moving through the winter is TOUGH. Having spent many years in the freezing cold New England winters, I know first hand how many excuses you can easily come up with to just stay cozy inside under a blanket and skip your workout. Living in Northern California now, my excuse list is shorter and my motivation is constantly being checked by the sunny skies and running-friendly weather we are blessed with pretty much daily. Something else that keeps me motivated? Well new workout clothes, of course. Call me what you will, but throwing on a cute outfit encourages me to go for a longer run, take more pilates classes, and be mindful of my food choices even in the dang middle of January. It goes without saying, but working on a bikini body all year round is a hell of a lot easier than the self-induced torture we are all too familiar with come the first sign of summer.

Here’s what my goal winter workout routine looks like:
Monday: 55 minute Pilates cardio trampoline on the reformer, 2 mile walk or run
Tuesday: 3 mile run, 20 minutes pilates on the mat
Wednesday: 2-3 mile run, 30 minutes on the treadmill
Thursday: 2-3 mile run, 20 minutes pilates on the mat
Friday: 55 minute Pilates cardio trampoline on the reformer, 2 mile walk or run
Saturday: 2-3 mile walk, 30 minutes on the treadmill
Sunday: Rest

Throughout the week I also focus on clean eating as much as possible. I make fresh juices with organic fruits and vegetables, mix up protein shakes after a workout, eat organic grass fed meats, local seafood and drink lemon water, black coffee and herbal teas. My husband loves to cook so I bend the rules and indulge in homemade specialties whenever I feel like it- like tonight we are having strawberry ice cream he made last night. YUM! And try to take my occasional latte away from me and I will turn mean.

So if getting a new pair of leggings, sneaks or a cute Lulu sweatshirt inspires you to get moving, I say why not. Feel good, look good, eat well and be happy.

Here is to a Happy & Healthy 2016
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10 Things Under $75 to Fancy Up Your Holiday Decor

10 Holiday Decor Items Under $75


Is it really November?! I swear it was just July…I was in Mexico…on the beach…drinking pina coladas… Hard to believe that the holiday season is here and you know what that means– houseguests, hosting cocktail & dinner parties, attending holiday parties, shopping, budgeting, splurging, drinking, and (my favorite) decorating. Now that I live in downtown San Francisco, gone are the days that I drive from store to store, enjoying free parking lots with endless spaces, loading my car with bags of tax free goods. We do, however, still host Thanksgiving and this year, (sound the bells) we will be celebrating Christmas in wine country with family. While I have drastically cut back on my holiday decorating, little touches of luxury go a long way to make you and your guests feel the holiday cheer. Here, I’ve picked 10 of my favorite items under $75 from One Kings Lane that I will be getting & gifting to add some luxe to this year’s celebrations. Don’t underestimate the power of the scenting your home with the intoxicating smell of a eucalyptus candle, or adding a touch of glam with a beautiful, shiny corkscrew set out with a self service wine bar. You’ve heard the saying…it’s the little things…

1. Shaker Set, $59 || 2. Gold Decanter Set, $59 || 3. Mirrored Tray, $25 || 4. Patina Goblet Set, $58 || 5. Milk Glass Bowl, $12.ea. || 6. Corkscrew, $22 || 7. Eucalyptus Candle, $21 || 8. Fresh Magnolia & Cyprus Wreath, $69 || 9. Patchouli Hand Soap, $23 || 10. Moss Cotton Napkins (6), $55 

Use this referral link and save $15 off your first order of $30 or more!

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Designing a Virtual Room: French Farmhouse Edition

French Farmhouse Dining Room

A settled and pulled together home is essential to rest and relaxation. As the design world is ever changing, creating services that are more flexible, accessible and user friendly are trending. Virtual room design is taking the industry by storm. We have recently added this service for just $200 per room. From a dining room, to a kitchen, a powder room or nursery, you will receive two mood boards to chose from along with a source list that fits your budget. This is an example of what your mood board will look like– exactly what a design board looks like! While I am using French Farmhouse as my style example today, I totally get that this isn’t everyones taste. Here are the elements we cover when doing an online room design and a brief description of this particular mood boards selections:

Paint: When possible, choosing the right paint color for the backdrop is an essential element of the overall design. For this French Farmhouse dining room, I selected a gorgeous, simple neutral by Farrow & Ball called Clunch No. 2009. Clunch is aptly named after the chalk stone used in building blocks because it has a very dependable feel to it. Although some people see it as a soft grey, it actually has a yellow base making it the easiest of colours to live with. 

Furniture: When purchasing large pieces of furniture such as dining room tables, chairs, side tables, etc., look for a weathered, glazed wood and avoid traditional finishes like cherry or mahogany for a French Farmhouse feel. If you happen to own a dining table already, consider an inexpensive DIY refinish. Shabby painted furniture is at every thrift store and flea market across the country. The less perfect, the better! Inspiration here

Fabrics: Soft gray velvets, wrinkled silks, washed linens and wools make for exceptional choices for window treatments, upholstered seating, table linens and rugs. I love the layered rug trend currently happening- although I realize it’s not practical for everyone. If you do go this route, stick to rugs in similar color families so you can swap them out in different rooms down the line when a refresh is in order.

Lighting: Lighting changes the room drastically- Stick with non polished metals and weathered wood or wrought iron. I love the 25 watt candelabra bulbs on a dimmer to set the mood. Installing a new light is easy too- you shouldn’t need an electrician to do it, but make sure the person doing it knows what they are doing!

Accessories: Keep accessories simple and clean. Stuff collects dust and dust is gross. I love to add plants to any room (except the bedroom). The pop of green and the organic shape are relaxing on the eye and seem to bring a space to life.  Keep other accessories minimal and neutral, like woven baskets to hold pillows and throws, old books to stack, and vintage glass.

Last but not least, candles. Always add candles. While I’m not going to go as far as to say you should have established your personal home scent by the time you’re 30 (!), I do think there is something about your favorite candle burning that makes being home feel luxurious.

We would love to design a room just for you- our room designs are just $200 per room! Click here to get started.

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Fabulously Fall Rooms & DIY Color Suggestions

It’s hard to say whether summer or fall is my favorite time of year. While summer is all about carefree hair, suntans and lazy days at the beach, fall has a way of calling us back indoors and comforting us with cozy blankets, wood burning fireplaces, sweaters and the promise that winter is on its way. Decorating for the colder months calls for all sorts of layers (and who doesn’t love layering?!). Now is also the perfect time to take advantage of the cooler air and get a fresh coat of paint up on the walls. The best paint colors are those that can see you through the year, and coordinate with a number of accent colors for any given season.

#1 grege avenue: One of my current favorite colors is Benjamin Moore grege avenue. Yes, I jumped on the greige wagon a few years back and I’m still very much enjoying the ride. Benjamin Moore’s grege reminds me of a hot latte that looks beautiful with gray, chocolate brown, creamy black, white, maple yellow, faded rose & mossy green.

#2 del mar blue: An earthy blue-green such as Benjamin Moore‘s del mar blue makes for an excellent fall living room, dining room, or bedroom color. Accent with rusty oranges, raspberry reds, chocolate brown and pure white for a clean, warm and inviting space.

#3 off black: When only the moodiest of mood will do, go all in with black. These gorgeous rooms are Farrow & Ball‘s off black. I love the pops of pink and the stark contrast of white porcelain against this dramatic backdrop. If you’re going to go super dark, keep accent colors to a minimum for a clean, uncluttered appearance.

#4 no walls to paint? If painting is out of the question, bring on the layers. Layered artwork on a table, along the perimeter of a large room, or even on a wall creates a cozy feel. Add faux fur blankets and throw pillows for a glamorous, expensive looking touch. Think charcoal linen, navy velvet, and touches of silver and bronze. Mix accent lighting with candles and lanterns and instantly add depth and warmth to any space. This is especially fun in the bathroom where it is least expected.

Have a color question? ASK ME here!

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